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Hearing Care

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Hearing tests in Ballyclare

We offer free hearing tests designed to diagnose various types of hearing loss. Whether or not you have noticed a recent drop in your hearing, a hearing test is a great way to get peace of mind.


If we do diagnose a problem with your hearing, we will provide quality care and treatment that works for you.

Our hearing care services

When you're struggling to listen to music, watch TV the way you used to and engage in conversations with friends or colleagues, hearing loss can have a huge impact on your everyday life. Poor hearing can negatively affect your physical, mental and social lifestyle, so it's important to diagnose the problem as soon as you can.

Getting a complimentary hearing test at David Henderson Opticians allows you to benefit from a comprehensive hearing check that will identify if you're suffering from hearing loss. Our central location allows all from far and wide to benefit from our expert hearing care services.


Our welcoming clinic is easily accessible on Main Street in the bustling heart of Ballyclare. Located close to Six Mile Water, Ballyclare Comrades Football Club and the Ballyclare War Memorial Park, David Henderson Opticians is conveniently placed to provide advice and support whilst ensuring you get all the help you need to regain your confidence and restore your hearing.

Hearing Assessments

Live Demonstrations

Wax Removal

Full After Care Service

Hearing Devices

Repair and Servicing

Tinnitus Management

Home Visits

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Wax removal

In some cases, the main cause of hearing loss is a build of wax in the ear canal. Fortunately, excessive ear wax can be removed through a simple and painless procedure. We offer ear wax removal carried out by a trained audiologist with years of experience in the field.

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Hearing device aftercare

Included in our audiology service is comprehensive aftercare based on your needs as a patient. Tailoring a hearing device to your unique hearing profile is a fine art and aftercare appointments allow us to check up on your hearing and chat with you about how your device is working for you. Our expert audiologist will talk you through any necessary changes and give you helpful advice for managing your hearing device.

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Our Audiologist

Conor’s background in sound design and audio technology as well as his caring and attentive qualities led him to his natural vocation within Audiology, qualifying as an RHAD in 2008. He has developed a wealth of knowledge and technical skills over the years in clinical and managerial roles, and is a long-standing champion of the importance of patient centred care in Audiology. Conor passionately believes that taking the time to fully understand the hearing needs of each client is crucial, as this enables him to design truly individual solutions to deliver quality of life improvements to those under his care.  

Health and Personal 
Conor enjoys football, music, travel, and pretty much anything to do with Japan. Most of all though he loves to spend as much quality time as possible with his wife and young daughter (who is definitely growing up too fast!) 

Conor Fitzpatrick

Audiologist Conor Fitzpatrick at David Henderson Ballyclare at David Henderson  at David henderson
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