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man wearing face-a-face eyewear

Our eyewear collection

Our extensive range of eyewear is curated to offer something for all lifestyles and personalities. We will work with you to find frames that suit your style, prescription and day-to-day life.


We stock exceptional brands and affordable options to make sure you can find eyewear that works for you and your budget.

Spectacle Lenses

Quality spectacle lenses

All of our spectacle lenses are of the highest quality so you rest assured you’ll be getting the best possible vision from your glasses. Our spectacle lenses can also be personalised for you with modifications based on aesthetics, lifestyle considerations and less common prescriptions. Whatever your needs, we’ll find the best lenses to suit you. 

Eyewear styling

Our team are experts in eyewear styling. We understand that every one of our customers has a unique look and lifestyle, so we make sure to consider all the details when helping you to select your frames. Our priority is making sure you are happy and comfortable with your choice, so whatever your requirements we’ll work hard to find frames that work for you.

woman wearing face-a-face eyewear
Eyewear that turns heads 

From the bold and beautiful to the stylishly understated, we have curated a diverse collection of eyewear for adults and children. We are continually refreshing our range of frames to bring you an exciting and varied choice of spectacles. 

Women Wearing Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription sunglasses

Almost all of our frames can be fitted as sunglasses with your prescription, so you can enjoy your favourite outdoor look with optimum vision. Sunglasses are not only about being comfortable outdoors – exposure to sunlight is one of the causes of premature ageing of the eyes and wearing quality sunglasses is a simple and effective way to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare.

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