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Contact Lenses

Woman inserting a contact lens

Why choose contact lenses?

As an independent practice, we are able to offer an excellent selection of contact lens types and brands. We have many years of experience in fitting lenses, so whatever the needs of your eyes and lifestyle, we’ll make sure you get to enjoy the freedom that comes with contact lenses.

What happens in a contact lens assessment?

During your assessment, we’ll make sure you’re eligible for contact lenses – nowadays, there are many types of lenses designed for specific eye types and conditions, so in almost every case we’ll be able to find something that works for you. After ensuring you’re eligible, we’ll find the right contact lenses to suit your eyes and your lifestyle by running a series of tests and asking you some basic questions about how you would prefer to use contacts. We invite you to ask your optometrist about anything you’re not sure about.

Contact Lens Aftercare

Choosing the right type of contact lens

Contact lens technology is always advancing, so even if you couldn’t get lenses before, there is a good chance you can now.


We offer a range of contact lenses that are designed for specific eye types and to give you as much choice as possible in how often you change and dispose of your lenses. Aside from the shape of your eyes, the type of lenses we recommend will depend on factors like how often you plan on wearing the lenses per day, how frequently you would like to dispose of your lenses and whether you have an eye condition.


Whatever the specifics of your case, our recommendations are carefully considered and followed up with aftercare.

Woman handling contact lens
Taking care of your contact lenses

Aftercare is an essential part of getting new contact lenses. It is important for us to confirm that your contact lenses are working for you and ensure that your eyes are still healthy.


With this in mind, we provide a complete aftercare service that includes appointments to reassess your vision and eye health. They are also a great opportunity for you to ask for advice from an optometrist with years of experience in contact lenses and eye care.

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